TraceShield is one the leading provider of Tracking Solutions. As the manufacturers of the world class tracking solutions, we have established a unique bond with our customers and are committed to provide them with a superior and unique tracking experience. Our tracking solution is suitable for various different fields, like fleet owners, government sector, education industry, service sector etc

As a part of our channel network expansion in East Africa, we are looking for Dealers with remarkable enthusiasm.

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What is a local associate?

A local partner is a company that offers the best of Tracking Systems products and services, in its territory.
How does my company become a dealer?

Step 1: Send your profile to info(@)
Step 2: TraceShield Ltd will review your profile
Step 3: A minimum of 5 units will have to be purchased
Step 4: Our installer and technical team will come and install the unit and demonstrate how it works
Step 5: The dealership agreement is signed

What is the investment?

The investment is from Ksh. 50,000 depending on the territory. TraceShield Ltd provides all the technical support/ installation/ servers/ marketing literature/ national advertising and press.
Our model is based on that we want our associates to be only concerned with the marketing. Rest all is taken care by TraceShield Ltd.

What type of services an associate is offering to its clients?

The associate can offer to their clients either a fleet management service, a vehicle and driver protection services, or both.
Who are the potential clients?
For fleet management service, the potential clients can be

  • Commercial companies with large fleet of vehicles (such as transportation, car leasing, taxis, retail).
  • Public service fleets (such as buses, police, ambulances, security services, and garbage trucks).
  • Maritime vehicles management.
  • Refrigerated Vans.
  • Containers and tanker truck companies.
  • Cash Carrying Armed Vehicles.
  • Ready Mix Concentrate.

For the security service, the potential clients can be:

  • Insurance companies.
  • Commercial companies.
  • Private Car Owner

What is the business model?

The business model is to sell and install the hardware to clients. The dealer makes a profit on this. Once the hardware is sold TraceShield Ltd charges the customer a Yearly subscription fee for the software and sim card for which the dealer is given a pre agreed margin.

Does TraceShield provide you with an on-site training?

Yes. After the first commercial purchase order has been delivered, TraceShield technical team will arrive in order to provide an on-site training. How to use the various applications, and how to market the system. The training is for 2 days. Immediately after the training is over - you are fully operational and ready to start selling.
Does TraceShield have successful dealers across Kenya?
TraceShield has very successful dealers in Nairobi, Nakuru, Eldoret, Thika, Mombasa and in other parts of the country.