“To be a market-focused, performance-driven organization, managed on global standards of operational and recovery efficiency”


“To add value to our clients and partners by offering exceptional products and services linked to the recovery of stolen assets and fleet management”

TRACESHIELD LTD is a dynamic leader in the distribution of GPS fleet management products and services. TraceShield highly trained team of professionals will go above and beyond the sale to ensure your satisfaction with our products and services. Our goal is to improve your bottom line and put you back in command. With a complete line of fleet management systems, we are able to offer a consultative approach to our customers. Information provided by the client helps our team of experts to match the information to the right GPS system for the lowest investment.

TraceShield has invested heavily in technology, training and personnel to provide the best customer experience and service available. Our technical support department provides a mix of network administration skills, project management abilities, electronics repair, training and management. We also have over 10 servers’ offsite in an industry secure data center with multiple layers of security and redundancy for customer data and critical information backups to insure piece of mind.

TraceShield advantage is the ability to provide certified fleet-management software and hardware while utilizing the proficiency of GPS tracking system technology. Our vehicle tracking systems provide the ability to pinpoint your vehicle’s location to as close as two feet away while supplying rapid and updated vehicle information, including maintenance information, speed, location.

TraceShield has a National Control Center (NCC) which is operational 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We partner closely with Government authorities to effect arrests of perpetrators, as the fight against crime cannot be limited to the recovery of stolen vehicles and assets, but must include the arrest and prosecution of those who make vehicle and asset theft their mode of living. TraceShield has also teamed-up with established crime fighting partners to increase our tracking network coverage through the use of their road camera system.

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